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‘New report reveals huge crowdfunding potential in Nigeria’

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‘Report: Crowdfunding Potential in Nigeria’

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Alternative finance refers to financial channels and instruments that have emerged outside of the traditional finance system such as regulated banks and capital markets. MatchBox provides expert knowledge on various types of Alternative Finance:

Venture Capital
Angel Investor Networks
Impact Investing
Business Incubators & Accelerators


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Welcome to MatchBox Consultancy

MatchBox is a boutique consultancy with offices in the Netherlands and Nigeria. MatchBox provides expert advise on various alternative finance solutions: crowdfunding | venture capital | angel investing | impact investing | business incubators and accelerators.  Clients are based in Africa, Asia, Australia, North America and Europe.

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Featured research: Crowdfunding Potential for Nigeria – Report 2017

Ventureburn on CrowdfundingHub & MatchBox’s most recent report

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Crowdfundinsider interview on 2017 Nigeria report

Researched and written by Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes of MatchBox Consultancy, the Nigeria report was created to determine the crowdfunding potential for Nigeria where a handful of platforms have emerged to provide financing services. Nigeria is an oil rich, emerging market that is a “huge market with an incredible amount of potential if one gets the formula right” for crowdfunding. Read the full interview.Screen Shot 2017-04-18 at 1.43.34 PM

Expert Speaker at Crowd Dialog 2016


1 November 2016

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NEWS The CrowdfundingHub launched Europe’s report on Crowdfunding this week: The Current state of crowdfunding in Europe.

The alternative finance industry is a young industry and there is not a universally accepted taxonomy yet to describe the different actors in the industry. In The European Alternative Finance Benchmarking Report from Cambridge University (February 2015) this issue was already addressed. The Benchmarking Report followed the taxonomy of nine categories of business that had been constructed in defining and segmenting the UK alternative finance market in previous studies. CrowdfundingHub choose to follow this taxonomy as well and focusses in the research on the four following types of crowdfunding:
• Donation based crowdfunding
• Reward based crowdfunding
• Peer-to-Peer lending (where possible subdivided into consumer and business lending)
• Equity based crowdfunding

The lack of a clear taxonomy is a hindrance for research. In the documentation and information received about the crowdfunding industry in different countries, terms are used that do not always follow the same taxonomy. Crowdinvesting, crowdlending and crowdfinance are frequently used terms but they aren’t accurately defined. At least they are not defined on a European level and have a different meaning in the separate countries. For example crowdinvesting is sometimes used as a synonym for equity based crowdfunding and sometimes it includes both equity and lending based crowdfunding to entrepreneurs. For the sake of uniformity, CrowdfundingHub tried to avoid the words crowdinvesting, crowdlending and crowdfinance and converted them.

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