About MatchBox Consultancy
MatchBox is a boutique consultancy with offices in the Netherlands and Nigeria. MatchBox provides expert advise, research and support on alternative finance solutions, supporting financial inclusion and access to finance. Main focus: crowdfunding | venture capital | angel investing | impact investing | business incubators and accelerators.  Clients are mainly based in Africa, Asia, North America and Europe.

About our Founder
Suzanne Wisse-Huiskes (MBA Finance) has more than 15 years’ of experience working with organisations on the most effective types of alternative finance, mostly  impact investing, crowdfunding and business accelerator programs.

Suzanne is deeply networked in European and Sub Saharan Africa entrepreneurial ecosystems. She delivers a deep understanding of frontier markets and its nuances to a global audience. She is an Advocate at the Global Tech Advocates Network and a member of the Reading Committee of the IREX/Mandela Washington Fellowship. Dedicated to challenge talented entrepreneurs, Suzanne is an official mentor at start-up/accelerator programs in Africa, Europe and Asia. She was awarded top 400 most successful women in the Netherlands for two years in a row.

As an internationally renowned crowdfunding expert, her decade of experience in this field includes the Board of Directors of the European Crowdfunding Network, the Board of Directors at the WE Jansen Foundation and long-term executive positions at fintech and crowdfunding platforms (e.g. PIFWorld.com, 234Give.com).

As a lead researcher and author, she publishes the annual report ‘Crowdfunding Potential for Nigeria: Capital, FinTech and Regulation in the West African entrepreneurial space’, in cooperation with the CrowdfundingHub.

Suzanne started her career working in Finance at multiple Fortune 500 companies. Originally from the Netherlands, she lived and worked in Nigeria, the United Kingdom, the United States, Italy and Spain.