MatchBox offers a world of experience on delivering quality products and reports customized to your business needs.

Crowdfunding is an exciting and potentially complex endeavour. MatchBox supports you with a customized feasibility study. The feasibility study looks at the viability of your crowdfunding campaign with an emphasis on identifying potential problems. It attempts to answer two main questions: Will the campaign work, and should you proceed with it?

Why are feasibility studies so important?

  • Identify all the things you need to make the crowdfunding campaign work
  • Pinpoint logistical and other business-related problems and solutions
  • Convince an investor that your business or project is worth considering as an investment
  • Serve as a solid foundation for developing your Crowdfunding Strategy

Additional activities

  • One hour introduction call on your business or project
  • Identify similar successful crowdfunding campaigns
  • Identify International Crowdfunding laws – if applicable

Key deliverables

  • Quality Crowdfunding Feasibility Study (PDF) document

Crowdfunding Feasibility Study

Quality Crowdfunding Feasibility Study (PDF) document